Welcome to Jacobs Steel Art

About Me

My educational attainment began in my youth, Thomas Kronen was a mentor to me.  I was able to spend many hours with him painting a mural in Omaha, NE.   He left an impression and I knew it was an honor to be mentored by him. I later won a prestigious award in an art show. I excelled, then was given a full ride scholarship in art to the University of Nebraska.  

Throughout my life I've used my artistic abilities in all ways from fabricating to building my home.  I've had much interest in the metal since the early 1990's when I got my plasma cutter.  I started making gifts for family members and have made pieces for fundraisers and more.  For several years now, my neighbor, my good friend Shawn and I started welding and creating art as well as teaching others. We enjoy the feeling of rapt as we work together and are ready to go to the next level as we are improving and expanding our design.

My experience

The Vision

You can always tell a dream is from God because it  doesn't just bless you...it makes your life a blessing to others!

Rapt (rapt) adj 1) carried away in body or spirit (to heaven, etc.) 2) carried away in with joy, love, etc; enraptured 3) completely absorbed or engrossed (in meditation, study, etc.)  4) resulting from or showing rapture (a rapt look)  


The feeling of rapt is the fuel of my art.

To allow my art and adventures become one.